Financial Stress and Health

Financial stress can cause a lot of harm to both your mental and physical health. I am writing this blog post because recently I witness someone so stressed about their financial situation she contemplated committing suicide. She voiced this in a Facebook group I happen to be part of and I do hope she is receiving the help that she needs.

Debt can wreck havoc on your state of mind when you have so much of it. You don’t know where to start, all you see is how much of a hole you are in. The bills are piling and all you want to do is cry. Some people run from their debt. You get embarrassed because you can’t afford things or afraid to swipe your card and pray to God the transaction goes thru. This is no way to live your life, but it is the reality for many.

All of these things are not mentally healthy for you. They will cause you to be stressed and depressed. Normally when you are going thru those things it shows in your behavior and appearance. You act weird, shut off from the world and even possibly neglect your appearance. Processed food seems to be the cheapest so you resort to that because healthier food is more expensive. Too much processed food can cause health issues which means more medical bills. The cost of food adds up when you have other people you are responsible for feeding. The thought of not being able to provide for your children will drive you insane.

The good news is you have control over all of it. No one can save you, but you can save yourself. It won’t be overnight unless you hit the lottery or get some large inheritance, but you can do it over time. It will take some stubbornness, serious planning, commitment and the decision that no matter what you will not let your situation defeat you.

Your current situation does not have to be your permanent situation. 6 months from now you could be in a much better place if you do the needful. Sometimes all it takes is a plan and real dedication to overcome financial stress. It might be rough, but trust me you can do it. Your health and the health of your family depend on it.

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