Debt Free Journey Part 1: Contentment

As I go thru this journey of wanting to be debt free, I have come to the realization that I have to be content.  Not content with my debt situation, but content with what I have so I can get what I want.  What I want is to have no more debt and to have myself in a cash only lifestyle with the ability to use credit if I want to.

Getting debt free takes a lot of discipline and the ability to be ok with saying No.  I don’t feel bad telling my friends No, but my son is an entirely different story.  He is 7 so trying to explain to him why we are not buying sports pictures again when all the other kids are getting them done is hard.  I would rather use that money towards something else.  He plays 3 sports and I am not getting a bunch of pictures each year that just end up collecting dust.

Becoming debt free requires you to be content with not having the latest and greatest.  Would I rather have a really nice fancy car?  The answer is YES, but my Hyandai Elantra is a good car and great on gas.  I am thankful each time I go the pump because gas prices are crazy right now and I still pay less than $30 to fill up.  Gas right now in my area is about $3/per gallon.  That is ridiculous, but I need my car to get around.

I am content with being content until I reach my goal.  Sometimes I get a little frustrated because I want to fast forward and be out of debt already, but this journey will be well worth it in the end.  Here’s to being debt free and living my life the way I want.


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