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Truth About Rent -To-Own

In one of my Facebook groups the topic of Rent-To-Own always comes up.  The mom always asks what is your opinion on going that route to buy a home and I always comment  “NO”!!!  Although Rent-To-Own sounds good in theory and some landlords have good intentions, there are better ways that are much less risky.

So before I get into my reasons as to why you should not do this, lets break down the process of Rent-To Own.  Basically you are paying an agreed upon premium in your rent with obligation of purchasing the home at the end of your lease.  The premium that you are paying is suppose to be put in some type of savings account by your landlord so the funds can go to your down payment.  This process is also known as a lease-option or a lease-purchase.  Seems pretty straight forward right?  Well here are some things to keep in mind:

  • The bottom line is you do not own this property while you are in the leasing stage.  Anything could happen and you are in jeopardy of losing the house and the money you have put into it.
  • Just like any normal rental agreement, you are limited to what changes you can make to the property because again it is not yours.
  • Once the leasing period has ended, that does not mean you can still buy the house.  You are still required to get the necessary funding to secure the mortgage needed to make the purchase.  You can still be denied from getting a mortgage if your credit is not where it needs to be.  You take the chance of losing that extra money you have been paying if you can’t buy the house.
  • Just like any rental agreement, you are treated as a tenant so if you miss rental payments you can also lose the premium money you have been putting towards the house and be evicted.
  • If you are in a situation where you think you need to Rent- To -Own, you shouldn’t be buying a home anyway because you have no money.

My advice is to hold off until you are ready to make that purchase by taking out a mortgage or in straight cash.  Do the needful to fix your credit and save for your deposit.  There are so many programs out there to assist first time home buyers if you do your research.

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Side Hustle:Instacart Flow

The end of 2017 I decided to give Instacart a try to help give myself the boost I needed to get unstuck. It required no financial investment on my part to get started so it was perfect. All I needed was a car, valid license, insurance on my car of course and to pass the background check. It is for sure not something that I will do long term, but it is fast cash in my pocket to help me meet some of my financial goals. Oh and it helped me with having a cash only Christmas!!!!

So what is Instacart anyway. Well it is a service to have your groceries delivered to you. Sometimes I do the shopping and delivery or just the delivery. You can actually work for Instacart full time as well, but this is just a side hustle for me. I can pick my own schedule and work as many or as few hours as I want. Let me take that back because you do have to work at least 2 hours in your shift.


It is super easy because everything is done via the app. They send you an order and you go shop for the customer. You don’t have to pay for the groceries because they send you an Instacart credit card. It is to be used solely for that purpose so don’t try to use it for anything else or you will get yourself into trouble.

I am an independent contractor so I keep track of my mileage to write off on my taxes and I have to pay my own wage taxes since they do not deduct them from my check 😫.  This requires me to make sure I stay organized, but it really isn’t that bad. Here is some of what I have made over the past few weeks to give you an idea.


For anyone that has questions just ask me and if you are ready to give it a try, just click on my link and get yourself started. Don’t sleep on the side hustle.

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Fear of Change

The Fear of Change

“It’s the most unhappy people who most fear change.”Mignon McLaughlin

I have been gone for a minute; mainly because of all the changes going on in my life.  I had to readjust everything and now I am finally getting back into the groove of things. For a long time I had been complacent and not REALLY enjoying life; time and time again we are constantly reminded that we are not promised tomorrow or even another second so you better be overall happy with the life you are living.  It took me a long time to realize I was just going through the motions of this thing called life and this was not the vision I had for myself by any means.   I kept lying to myself that I was still this upbeat motivated full of life person that I once was, but really I wasn’t.  Those that were close to me could see it, but I just couldn’t accept the fact that I was losing the things that made me who I was and I take full responsibility for that.

Towards the end of 2013 I had a major wakeup call.  All of the little fires finally turned into a raging inferno that I let get out of control.  The bottom line, I accepted the things that I could not change, but the problem was I just brushed aside the things I was capable of changing instead of dealing with them.  I was afraid and I let the fear of change, challenge, and the unknown stop me from truly being happy.  If you read back to my Are You Making Yourself Unhappy? post, this was me lying to myself and I realize that now.  Don’t get me wrong, the things that I wrote about were true in a sense and I am very thankful for those things in my life, but I still owe it to myself to strive for more and not settle.

So in an effort of my pursuit for happiness these are the changes that I am making or have already made:

  1. I stopped relying on the actions of others to make me happy:  I am the captain of my own destiny and so are you.  Like most relationship, my son’s father and I started off great and I thought we were partners, but it turned out we really weren’t.  His goals were my goals and the problem was just that… They were MY GOALS.  I relied on him to help me get there because I thought we were a team, but in reality we were on two different paths holding each other back.    Maybe one day we will be on the same path, but right now we are going our separate ways.
  2.  I stopped focusing on the things I didn’t have and started focusing on how to get the things I wanted:  All I could think about is why I wasn’t married yet, why I didn’t have a house yet, why we never went on an actual vacation and so much more.  Oh and of course I wanted more children, but wanted to be married first.  I saw my friends getting the things that I wanted, but didn’t have yet.  This just made me even more unhappy.  So with my wakeup call, I decided to take action and at least work on getting that house.  Since I wasn’t sure of the state of my relationship I didn’t want to sign another lease with him and I was tired of renting so I made the decision to move back in with my parents to save for the house I want and no he did not move in with me.  He tried to convince me to get another place with him and thank goodness I followed my head and not my heart because he has yet to grow into the responsible adult he should be by now.  Also I have decided to launch a natural skin and hair care line which I am very passionate about.  Happily Naturally Me has been doing great so far and I hope to expand the product line by the end of the year.
  3. Actually started playing the cards that life has dealt instead of just folding:  There are things that will happen to you in life that are completely out of your control and you will ask yourself, “WHY ME.”  Just know that you can other accept the turmoil’s that life brings or you can be a problem solver and do something about it.
  4. Being more positive:  All I can say is the Law of Attraction……what you think most about is what you will draw into your life.

So with that being said I can already tell a difference in the way I feel.  I now feel more at peace and excited about getting out and taking on new experiences.  I’m making progress as Just His Mommy  and I will no longer allow the fear of change get in my way of true happiness.

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30 Day Push Up Challenge

30 Day Push Up Challenge

In an effort to become more fit I will be starting this challenge tomorrow with my mentee.  She has a goal of losing 20lbs so I figure why not get fit in the process of helping her.  30 Day Push Up Challenge here we come.  Trust me I will be starting off with the girly push up. Who else wants to try this?

Day 1: 45 Push Ups


Day 16: Rest
Day 2: 45 Push Ups


Day 17: 75 Push Ups
Day 3: 50 Push Ups


Day 18: 75 Push Ups
Day 4: Rest


Day 19: 80 Push Ups
Day 5: 50 Push Ups


Day 20: Rest
Day 6: 55 Push Ups


Day 21: 80 Push Ups
Day 7: 55 Push Ups


Day 22: 85 Push Ups
Day 8: Rest


Day 23: 85 Push Ups
Day 9: 60 Push Ups


Day 24: Rest
Day 10: 60 Push Ups


Day 25: 90 Push Ups
Day 11: 65 Push Ups


Day 26: 90 Push Ups
Day 12: Rest


Day 27: 95 Push Ups
Day 13: 65 Push Ups


Day 28: Rest
Day 14: 70 Push Ups


Day 29: 95 Push Ups
Day 15: 70 Push Ups


Day 30: 90 Push Ups

Get Fit Mommies and Daddies. Lets Go!!!

I found this challenge on Pintrest.


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baby washing her face

Cancer Causing Ingredients in Johnson & Johnson Baby Products

Recently I commented and shared a post on Facebook regarding Johnson & Johnson admitting to cancer causing ingredients in their baby products.  This post was published back in May of 2013 by  The article also stated Johnson & Johnson will slowly start removing the cancer causing chemicals from its U.S. product line by reformulating its formula.  All of this came about by activist putting pressure on the mega giant.

So what is the culprit in what we know to be “safe” baby products?  The known cancer causing chemical formaldehyde.  Johnson & Johnson were able to get away with this for so long by hiding it in the list of ingredient by calling it DMDM hydantoin.  DMDM hydantion is used as a preservative that releases formaldehyde.  1,4 dioxane is another chemical in Johnson & Johnson baby products which is also on the EPA’s list of cancer causing chemicals.  Keep in mind, Johnson & Johnson had the ability to remove these chemicals from their product line way before this and decided not to.  It’s all about money for big businesses and this says a lot.

I am assuming the amount of formaldehyde in their products isn’t in high doses, but with constant exposure it will sure add up.  In August of 2013 the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics reported Johnson & Johnson has announced the removal of all carcinogens from its products on a global scale.  By 2015 their products will no longer have these harmful chemicals.  The bottom line is to be aware of what you are exposing yourself and your family to.  Hopefully other big companies will jump on Johnson & Johnson’s bandwagon.

Johnson & Johnson are also the makers of Neutrogena and Aveeno FYI.

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Baby 1

Does Your Toddler Know Your Legal Name?

Does your toddler only know you as mommy or daddy?  I can honestly say that by the age of two my toddler knew his first, middle and last name.  It was pretty easy to teach it to him because I made it into a song.  This past summer it occurred to me how important it was for my little one to know the legal names of myself and his father and not just mommy and daddy.  I know he knew his father’s first name because sometimes he would call him by it instead of saying daddy which is always funny.  I guess that’s my fault from me trying to get his father’s attention when I’m in the other room.  He normally chimes in and starts yelling his father’s name also.  One day I asked my little one what my real name was and he couldn’t tell me.  He only knew to call me mommy.  At that point I started teaching him our full legal names as well.

It is much easier for him to remember his father’s name because their names are very similar as my little genius pointed out.  Although his father and I are not married, we are together so he has his father’s last name.  We plan on getting married one day so I thought it was best.  My little one always has to think about my name since the last name is different, but at the age of three he knows his parents’ full government names.  God forbid he ever gets lost, since I watch him like a hawk in public, but if he ever does he can at least tell the police who he is and who we are.  I really hope him getting lost never happens.

How old was your child when he or she knew your legal name?

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Are You Making Yourself Unhappy?

“Learn how to be happy with what you have while you pursue all that you want.” Jim Rohn

The above quote is something that I struggle with constantly.  Patience is not a virtue that I have learned to master and I probably never will; as a result I have gotten into a pattern of making myself unhappy.  I thought I would have accomplished more in my life by now; only to realize that in fact I have accomplished so much just not in the order that I had planned.  I may not have the 6 figure career that I had hoped for by now or my dream house and car, but I will get there soon enough.  I do however have a wonderful son, a relationship with someone that I adore and that adores me back, a flexible job that allows me to work from home two days a week, a place of my own instead of living with my parents, family and friends that I wouldn’t trade for the world and so much more. Who could be unhappy by all that?  So if you find yourself in a similar situation making yourself unhappy, here are a few tips to try and help you bounce back.

  1. Make a list of all the things that you have achieved so far that you are proud of and hang it somewhere as a reminder. This could also be in the form of a picture collage.
  2. Savor the small moments that make you the happiest.  Most of the time it is the little things that matter most.
  3. Surround yourself with positive people.  Now I’m not saying stop being friends with certain individuals unless you feel as though it is necessary to cut them from your life, but limit the amount of time you spend with people that do not have the most positive attitudes.  Negativity breeds more negativity and vice versa.
  4. Take on a volunteer activity.  Helping others should always make you feel good about yourself.
  5. Last but not least, stop comparing your life to the lives of others.  If you knew the back story to how some people achieved their success, you may not want it.

Now relax and enjoy the present and stop beating yourself up over the future.  If you are an ambitious person like I am, you will eventually accomplish all the things you set out to achieve.  Some things may come sooner than other, but as long as you have a plan and take action steps to get you there, you will achieve success. So follow these tips and let me know if they help you stop making yourself unhappy.

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